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  DzÊ. 13.08.2008
Sikorsky has been used as a fig leave in Lviv

Today's display witnessed that there is an unprejudiced, alive critic in Lviv – announced a ZiC correspondent.

All the blame for a failure of a display Olesia Domaradzka puts on Oles Noga ( who presented flowerly compositions) because his piece was central but it was neither artistic collage nor installation. It is rather informative museum stand without any aesthetic value. On opinion of Andriy Dorosh the participants of exhibition speculatively used brand of I.Sikorsky as a fig leave to cover their inability to convey the chosen theme.
Iryna KUZMINA. “Lvivs'ka gazeta” 18.08.2008
Avia-engineer opened the doors to the Green Sofa Gallery

There was too little for and about I. Sikorsky in the exhibition 31plus1. Andriy Dorosh said: The very surname of I.Sikorsky drew mw there, because he was one of the people that created first roads in the sky, they were romantics, not only engineers but aesthetically exquisite people. Because the plane has to be aesthetically complete. 80 years ago artists were seeking new forms and futuristic devices that I can't find here. There are only weak attempts here.
Julia TUNIK-CHORNA. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 20.08.2008

A well-known Lvivian artist Petro Gulyn called the present action a 'not-for-gallery' one. He thinks that the artists didn't failed the project. Igor Teply said 'to his defense' that "the people became very demanding. This artistic action represents a personal vision of an artist. The most important thing is what an artist sees and experience"…Igor Teply uses pointillistic technique in his paintings and also open and sunny colours.
Uliana BOYKO. “Lvivs'ka gazeta” 07.2008
Anima of Alla Romaniv

You can not see the face of this mysterious woman anywhere. And it makes every picture of the exhibition very intriguing. She represents the image of a very beautiful unmarried woman…

The works are painted very easily “on one breath”, they are embraced with the common idea – to depict the depth of such a notion as femininity. The source of inspiration for the artist was she herself. Collours of the pictures are very restricted. Alla Romaniv explains that her feelings have not got any of the bright colours, green or blue, they are the same as you can see on the pictures. Colours would only distract attention from the essence , it would have different emotional load…
  Radiostation “Radioman”. 9.07.2008
“In the Green Sofa the soul of Alla Romaniv is shown”

Anima means soul, and the peculiaritiesof the woman’s soul distinguish from the man’s. And the artist tried to depict this difference.

Alla Romaniv: “A woman experience her femininit.

Alla Romaniv: “A woman experience her femininity physically. The opinions about presented works very greatly.” Hopefully not according gender features. “ Bogdan Shumylovych said “ this is the case when what we see is not erotic, it is certain feminine reading of the author’s understanding of history of art and complicated woman’s soul.
  Victoria SADOVA. DzÊ. 9.07.2008
Venuses and nymphs are sitting on Lvivian Sofa.

In the colour of sepia all the works are painted – canvases and watercolours where naked women’s bodies are painted with a graphical precision and deliberately poor palette. T”hose nudes do not hide masculine view on the feminine body but they elaborate the trend of a” bodoir art” from the inside of the reflections about the soul under the principle of contradiction of contradiction”
  Victoria SADOVA. DzÊ. 05.2008

“This is exclusiveness in which masses are living now” – claimed A.Dorosh in the opening of the exhibition ‘Deja-vu’ – and this vulgar sociology aroused a hot gradus of scandal so necessary for living-up that even V.Glynchak, known with his national ideas, wanted to enter the discussion. But Sergiy Reznichenko doesn’t pay any tribute to the national ideology, instead he is good at modeling figures, elaborating media, comparing and contrasting colours while painting still-lives that are as sensual as women’s bodies.
Lidia YONKA. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 23-25.05.2008
The Reflection of the artist in the women’s portraits. Deja-vu of Sergiy Reznichenko

“Effect Deja-vu” is one more glitch of the subconsciousness, one more unexplicable and underresearched phenomenon of human psychology. Deja – vu is a title of a new exhibition of Sergiy Reznichenko that was opened in the Green Sofa Gallery. Sergiy choose such title despite the fact that he represents brand-new works.

The author underlines on his the most subtle motifs of traditionality at the same time paying tribute to modern tendencies. Ranges of shades are wide with the essential psychology of feelings. Fixation of the object at the moment of the day-dreaming.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 22-28.05.2008
“Simple” and “light” painting of Sergiy Reznichenko

“Simple” and “light” painting of Sergiy Reznichenko in the opening of the exhibition “Deja-vu” in the Green Sofa Gallery unexpectedly aroused a discussion. Not everybody liked what the artist painted. A journalist V. Glynchak even lended him one of his favourite books for a month – An art of resisting having said that his talent lacks some thoughtfulness as we have very tragic history of Golodomor and heroes of UPA. Where are our heroes? Where is satire and irony in art?
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 11.04.2008
Stetsula and Van Gogh

“Have you heard? The Green Sofa exhibits Van Gogh!”, - These were the pre- advertising words about this exhibition in artistic circles.

Different from the point of view of thematic and style they compiled the exposition that is close in colours. Only Stetsula has decided to present his own perception of a woman and Jan Van Gogh – his perception of Ukraine. These feelings are different: sensual and erotic of Volodymyr Stetsula and more rational of Jan Van Gogh.

It is interesting that Holland (who is a master of artistic glass) apart from nature landscapes has demonstrated his reaction to the events in Ukraine. For instance, he inserted a real piece of the wrecked plane into his composition “ Sknyliv’s Tragedy”.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 21.03.2008
Fire-like Erika Pasternak

“But fire is me” – Confessed a young artist Erika Pasternak to the question why she ignored the force of fire in the frame of her personal exhibition of painting “ The three elements: Earth, Water, Air”, that is open in the Green Sofa Gallery.

According Olesia Domaradzka, Erika Pasternak is a real artist of a male style. Having lived through the adoration of art of Sergiy Reznichenko, Borys Buriak, Sergiy Guy and other artists, she very persistently seeks her her own path in art. Emotional, colourful, her painting is very positive and life-assuring.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 20.03.2008
A mistaken element of fire by Erika Pasternak

How many elements can be present in the deep soul of a young artist? Erika Pasternak named her work with the three Graces , that is the main painting of her exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery “The three elements: Earth, Water, Air”.

But in press-release instead Air appeared Fire by mistake. “ We did not want to correct, because all these elements have fire inside them, and, in the end, there is fire inside me, it is connected with the process of creation. That is why the fourth element is hidden,” – Told us the artist.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 6.03.2008
The heaven of Boghdan Panchyshyn

Today it is possible to neglect everything as well as to be a person that appeals to faith, church, upper forces. Boghdan Panchyshyn is not false in his world perception, he doesn’t demonstrate anything, he just has his inner need, his own somewhat mystical visions and the need to convey them in colours. |Having mastered his own imagery system that is close to the art of romanticism and symbolism, Boghdan Panchyshyn is at the same time very modern.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 28.02.2008
The heaven and clouds of Boghdan Panchyshyn

I am a big optimist in life, that is why my exhibition is called Ave Vita, gentlemen! You can find everything in my works – calmness, truth and faith… history – and life that passed. I live in the past as well as in the present – says Boghdan Panchyshyn, whose exhibition was opened in the Green Sofa Gallery after 12-year break. An artist says that it is important for him to create positive works that convey this feeling to the viewers. The main images of his works are heavens, clouds, and the trees that carry them in their branches.

Lvivian art critic V.Ovsiychuk wrote in 1995 on the occasion of the opening of Panchyshyn’s personal exhibition in the National museum: “ Boghdan Panchyshyn was unknown in the artistic circles until recently … and suddenly he became an object of hot discussions, excitements and finally grateful confessions. He remains the follower of old traditions, he preserves emotionally narrative character of his works therefore tight connection with nature, historical past, destiny of his people, high spiritual treasures of world culture created across millenniums.
  Kristina Kropyvnytska. A newspaper “Izvestia”(news) #22/506
And still presented on this exhibition erotic art was very kind-hearted, without any aggression, flavoured with wise pepper with the taste of apple.
  DzÊ. 5.02.2008
A cast of a bottom of Eros in Lviv

Ironic erotic from the point of view of women seduces with the same things as the male one –with creating the images: the works of the eleven women-artists done in different techniques and materials compile the exhibition that is doomed to become the top not only from the point of view of the St. Valentine’s Day, that increases the interest around the theme of love, and its logical continuation. Lvivian Gallery “the Green Sofa” having presented the male Taming of Eros last year, this year presented the female view on this Antipod of Tanatos. The correspondent of ZIK informed about this on the 5th of February.
  24 TV channel. 6.02.2008
Last Year the men tried to tame Eros. As a reply to such a challenge, women also decided to test their force. And their force , as it appeared , lies in their eroticism.

Anna Atoyan ( an artist) :” I decided to make the women look erotically not only naked, but also in clothes. I wanted to create a kind of erotic situation.

“Untouched” ,”A gift of Eve”, “Junction” or “A Forbidden Gift is the sweetest”. Even the titles are seductive. But while working, it seemed that the artists did not tame Eros, quite the contrary.

Yolanta Kliusovska (photo-artist) During the photo-shooting it felt as if I had three cameras, and did not know which one to grasp. I was so excited with the naked man standing in front of me.
  Denis Gandzuk. Gazeta in Ukrainian. 7.02.2008
In the “Taming of Eros” the biscuits in the shape of penis were distributed among the guests.

The authors of the exhibition are lined against the wall for a photo.
Say Salo (lard) – commands a photographer.
May it is better to say Sex, - says Ivanka Voytovych, curator of the exhibition.
On the windowsill there is a book of feedback from the last-year “Taming of Eros” :” A wonderful exhibition! Brilliant works! Everlasting theme! – is written with white pen on red pages. “
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 8-10.02.2008
A Tamed Eros.
Women, in their understanding of the erotic art, are more interesting, intriguing and less predictable than the men.

And suddenly it occured that in terms of erotic art the women are more willing to talk, to think about themselves and their feelings than about the representatives of the opposite sex. At least we can judge from the exhibited in the Green Sofa Gallery works of painting, graphics, photography and ceramics created by eleven women-authors. Only a couple of them were inspired by men. Among them – Yolanta Kliusovska, who proposed several pictures featuring men.

It is worth noticing that while taming Eros, all the participants were looking for new prospective and rather successfully. For instance, Olena Onufriv added some real pieces of underwear to go with her picture “ Delicate washing” and Olga Pylnyk created Ero-stool that features the bottom part of a woman. By the way, in the opening of the exhibition, where the guests were treated with erotic biscuits especially prepared by the cafe “ The world of coffee”, they were allowed to sit on this ero-stool. There is an expression – to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes, - And when you sit on this stool, you can feel how it is to sit on somebody else’s bottom.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 25-27.01.2008
A healthy avanturism of Zoriana Garbar

On the border of the centuries we again reestimate our values, - pointed out Andriy Dorosh during the opening of her exhibition – and the works of Zoriana are the sign of epoch. They are created with the male temperament and are very interesting compositionally,and colouristically being at the same time very individual. They are elevating us higher and higher.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 24-30.01.2008
"Sex with Jazz" by Zoriana Garbar

An exhibition of Zoriana Garbar ‘101 reasons to be happy’ is not commercial apriory, especially for Lviv. Because her works are mostly bought by foreigners. According to Andriy Dorosh, the artist grasps us and tries to lift us a couple of centimetres higher. And it is not an easy task. Because our culture is very concervative (if you want to have a look at it – go to our Vernisage and you will see what our public consumes). And Zoriana’s works are for chosen ones. She is quite in the world context. It is not easy for Zoriana to play a role of a hurricane in a glass of water, because she is an artist of a continental size. She, apart from being a hurricane in a glass of water, advanced her epoch for almost 70 years. But such noncoincidence of an artists with her epoch is quite the usual phenomenon.

Art critic also pointed out that Zoriana’s creativity testifies that even in modern art it is possible to stay individual. These avanguard forms are professional in the compositional, coloristic and individual sense. You can always recognize Zoriana’s works among the others’.

The director of the gallery, Olesia Domaradzka says: this painting is not for people that have money today, because this generation was brought up on Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Ayvazovsky. They are not aware of the history of a modern art. And to perceive Zoriana’s works you need to know the history of a modern art, you have to understand it. But if some foreigner happens to enter the gallery, he would be impressed and surprised.

You make this assumption on the basis of which works are selling better? Yes, If I wanted purely commercial gallery, it would have to be a gallery without exhibitions. I would just choose works of commercially successful authors, I already know who. Who sells the most? Petro Sypniak, Anna Atoyan, strange it might look. Can the image of the Green Sofa Gallery make the works of Zoriana Garbar more popular? I think yes, the gallery tries somehow to bring the viewers up in the artistic sense. We had some popular exhibitions like the one by Eugenia Gapchinska, the Christmas exhibition that that took place among less commercial exhibitions.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 20-26.12.2007
A feast that you always want to paint.

An interesting observation made a well-known Lvivian painter Petro Sypniak having said that Christmas motifs are a better inspiration for the artists than, for instance, Easter. Christmas is a feast from childhood; it is the best holiday in our life that is why you always want to paint it. There is attraction, action, fancy costumes and magic in it.

Ancient Ukrainian canvas dolls magodzas have never acted in the Nativity play. Inna Ivasiuk created them as the characters of the Christmas play – Angel, Devil, Death, Gypsy and the Landlord and Landlady. She said that she had been dreaming of creating such Nativity Dolls for over a year. She plans to add more characters. Every doll is exclusive. While she was working upon these dolls she was watching a famous movie by Ivan Gavryliuk – The Shadows of forgotten ancestors. But her images are different.

For a lot of viewers of the exhibition and for the critic Orest Golubets there was a revelation – a stained glass work by Nataliya Gaidash. It is her first artistic work; however she has been making stained glass for five years.
Oksana ZIOBRO.“Vysokiy Zamok”. 15.12.2007
Magodzas dolls united in the Nativity Play.
Lvivians already live in the holidays. To justify their expectations the Green Sofa Gallery invites to visit the Christmas exhibition.

Almost all the exhibits were especially created for this display, apart from the paintings of P.Sypniak and V. Protsiv.

Everybody was impressed by the dolls of Inna Ivasiuk. Her magical hand-made magodzas for the first time took part in the Nativity play, were they acted as the Angel, The Death, The devil, The Gypsy and Goutsul Couple singing carrols.
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 22-28.11.2007
“Autumn above the Stone Houses”

The director of the Green Sofa Gallery, Olesia Domaradzka, paid a compliment to a well-known lvivian artist Petro Sypniak during the opening of his personal exhibition “Autumn above the Stone Houses”.

She pointed out that the display of his works is unusual for the gallery since it works mostly with young painters that only begin their career. The fact that Sypniak suits here is a compliment to the artists as well as for the gallery.

The exhibition that was planned half a year before was formed spontaneously because the artist wanted to display his landscapes and still-lives, but Olesia Domaradzka says that when she saw the lvivian sceneries they immediately coinsided with her mood, especially the golden autumn, because it was not much of it this year.

One of the most important events for lvivian artists and Petro Sypniak was the participation in the art festival Art Kiev. 53 galleries and more than 3000 works . It was something incredible. The people kept walking and suddenly they stopped in front of Sypniak’s works as if they were pulled by the string. This skill in a painting of a landscape is impossible to fake, people feel it intuitively – says Olesia Domaradzka, who represented 5 lvivian artists ( Petro Sypniak, Oleksandr Voytovych, Oleg Ghyzhy, Anna Atoyan and Olga Pylnyk). The importance of this event lies in the fact that most of those artist did not display their works in Kiev for a long time. They had exhibitions abroad, but not in Kiev. And the opportunity was splendid – such a number of Kievan Public could see the paintings and they reacted straight away. Petro Sypniak exhibited the works of 1991 and 1993, because they are unknown in Kiev and there is a resonans still.
Oksana ZIOBRO.“Vysokiy Zamok”. 24.11.2007
Petro Sypniak “Autumn above the houses”

In the Green Sofa Gallery you can spend time wounding the narrow streets of Lviv, discovering the routs painted by the Sypniak’s paintbrushes. The personal exhibition of an honoured artist of Ukraine Petro Sypniak “Autumn above the houses” is full of harmony and sentimental feelings that are possible to feel only in Lviv and only in Autumn.

Every work of he artist features Lviv that we can see every day, but on the other hand, it is unrepeatable and exceptional. The artist tries to convey real mood of the town. He says: I have been painting Lviv for 27 years, and it is never the same. I know it by heart and sometimes I don’t even have to go out to paint it. But every new work will not be the same as before because the city changes all the time. It is not interesting to paint modern houses, however the ancient part of our town is fantastic. I also like to paint landscapes.

The author of the exhibition paints every day since 9am to 5pm. “The most important thing in art is to be a kind of fanatic, to love and to create with no regards to time and energy. To work and to observe every day “– says the artist.

One of the works – Nostalgia – has returned from the international exhibition Art Kiev 2007, where it has been a success. Thousands of people took photographs near it, and now Lvivians can also enjoy it – said Olesia Domaradzka, the owner of the Green Sofa Gallery.
Oksana ZIOBRO.“Vysokiy Zamok”. 13.10.2007
Clay Paradise

In the opening an artist, as a real hostess, presented the visitors with small keys to her paradise, made of ceramics.

- Welcome to my paradise – says Olga Pylnyk – there are two guards: An Angel and a Teddy Bear angel. Not everybody can enter my world, because it is different for everyone. And all the people create their own world during the whole life.

- Olga’s works witness about her creative potential – says Ores Golubets, PhD of Arts. This exhibition is even better than I expected. What struck me as odd, is that ceramics can be post modernistic. Olga manages to express grotesque, irony and she feels the borderline between aesthetics and antyaesthetics.
Liliana-Florentina PETRUZA. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 25.09.2007
A Lithuanian childhood in The Green Sofa.

Algirdas Steponavichus, a holder of numerous awards, among which is the Golden Apple that is considered to be a Nobel Prize in Art, is an artist who formed aesthetic taste of several generations.

A Lithuanian ambassador in Ukraine, Algirdas Kumzha said at the opening of the exhibition that the first book in his life was the one of Algirdas Steponavichus. He said that it was a part of their childhood, and the childhood of their children.

This exhibition was aimed at giving the next generation the idea of the creativity of Algirdas Steponavichus. His wife, Birute Zhilite published a book , entitled A Mysterious Light of Being, where apart from his works you can find a lot of is citations. She said that Algirdas loved analyzing the lives of people and was a born orator.
Oksana ZIOBRO.“Vysokiy Zamok”. 4.09.2007
A picturesque world of a cat Snowy

The Green Sofa Gallery turned into a cozy Cat’s Avenue thanks to the paintings of Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk.

The main hero of the exhibition is a family pet cat – whose official name is a White Snow, or just Snowy. Apart from him you can also enjoy his environment, the narrow streets that he strides along and the animals he makes friends with. Entering the gallery you immediately find yourself in a cat’s world.

Andriy Dorosh, an art critic says: we can observe an interesting experiment – a talented artist decided to try a new genre – animalistic painting. She decided to paint her cat who is a member of a family and a very interesting personality. One has to be a very good zoo psychologist to interpret all his behavior.

Olena Kamenetska – Ostapchuk says that she wanted to create vivid and different works. A pet can be a kind of a guard to our subconsciousness. They are very much like people. I did not make creative compositions on purpose because I wanted to convey their real emotional world. I want to paint happiness and positive sides of my life.

Looking at the paintings of the artists you can feel the cat’s mood, what does it think or dream about. She managed to create a new branch in art – an animalistic portrait – states Rostyslav Shmagalo, PhD in Art –the colour on her paintings is like a pure emotion. All her works are very fresh and emotional.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 3.09.2007
Picturesque Snowy and other things³

PhD of Arts, Rostyslav Shmagalo said that it is very important that in the phase of globalism we did not lose the poesy, humor and soft irony in our art. A member of the Union of Artists in Ukraine, Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk created brilliant cat’s portraits, and also (including them) paintings that are very fresh and emotional. At the background of boring- grey paintings that are considered to be Lvivian we can see that Lviv is much more colorful that it is represented in the exhibition halls.

The landscapes of this artist can not be called conjuncture because there are not any lions or the Opera House but the quiet Lvivian Streets, parks without which our city would not be individual – said Andriy Dorosh, an art critic. Being a very positive person, an artist thinks that the people can not live without harmony in life and art.

This exhibition is the third in her native town and every time she tries to be different...
Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 2.08.2007
Experiments in the square

An unusual concept has formed a very interesting exhibition. Artists, that work in different techniques and styles, took into account such a limitation to their imagination and created a mini display out of four or six pictures each. Some of them broke the rules and made one picture that consists of six pieces, others framed their works. Olesia Domaradzka said that it was a kind of a game, and she hoped that the public and the artists liked it. The exposition includes painting, graphics, ceramics, glass, photography, batik and other author techniques.

The central place of exhibition occupy 20 portraits of the artists. Olesia Domaradzka said that the viewers are always interested in what the artists look like.
Kateryna KOZHAN. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 7.08.2007
Original 25 sm
The curator of the Green Sofa Gallery Olesia Domaradzka has made an unusual proposal to the lvivian artists – to become participants of the exhibition where all the works would be the size of 25cm in a square shape.

These works created a colourful mosaic and they represent a contemporary lvivian art.
Galyna Verniuk. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 17.07.2007
Floral optimism

The first thing that I heard on entering The Green Sofa Gallery was an exciting exclamation of one of the visitors – What a beautiful pictures! They make me want to live! And only after making a couple of steps inside I realized what did she mean- primroses, tulips, roses, irises…
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 13.07.2007
The Fragrances of the Bed of Flowers
Unexpected guest visited the Green Sofa Gallery in the opening of the personal exhibition of a young Lvivian artist Lesya Babliak.

Ex Lvivian, and now a popular Moscowian singer Angelica Varum was driving past the Green sofa Gallery when she heard a sound of folk songs, she saw the girls in the embroidered shirts and flowers in the hair – the participants of the folk-ethnographic theatre Vertep that sang in the opening. Angelica Varum took part in an unexpected photo session with the Vertep.

Lesya Babliak never thought that she would draw flowers. She knew that a lot of women were painting flowers and it did not influence the art history, and she decided – no flowers! But to love flowers is intrinsic to the woman’s nature and it seemed unnatural to resist it.

By the way, the stylistics of her works is very close to the popular in America watercolours.
  “24 hours ”. 27.06.2007
Insects that charm

Do you remember the American film Fly or Fly 2. So even the transformation of a man into a fly did not evoke so many emotions as this exhibition. If you ever dreamt of seeing insects in natural size and practically with your own eyes you can do this in this exhibition. The artist decided to share his makrophotos with everybody.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 26.06.2007
Images of Makrokosmos
he exhibition Makrokosmos, that was opened in the Green Sofa Gallery, is the kind of event that considerably lessens, if not destroys, our insect phobia.

Though that was not the aim of the author, the warmth and real human and sometimes childish features that he sees in different kinds of bugs and beetles appeal to the viewers provoking a chain reaction of the interest and warmth.
Bozhena GORODNITC'KA. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 9.06.2007
How kozaks-artists conquered Turkey

At Easter, right after breakfast, five lvivian artists – Ostap Patyk, Oleksandr Korovay, Petro Smetana, Ivan Tverdun and Sergiy Guy set off to the journey. During two weeks art-group Pegasus traveled three thousand kilometers, drinking wine and enjoying adventures. Their impressions gained during a fantastic trip surrounded by olive trees and spectacular cliffs can be observed on their canvases.

They brought to Lviv nearly 40 sketches. But they will need more time to finish them.
“Ratusha”. 31.05-06.06.2007
Juicy Turkish Spring.

The artists visited Istanbul, they have been to the Marble and Aegean seas. On Tuesday they presented their tropheys on the exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery. Petro Smetana said that they tried to paint not the certain objects, but the impressions from them. Olesia Domaradzka, the director of the Green Sofa Gallery, said that The Spring in Tsar- Gorod is bright, juicy, colorful as the real Turkish juice. We all wish to gain more of such impressions. Its interesting that art in Turkey was prohibited by Islam. The artists are planning to take this exhibition to Turkey. At the end of summer they take it to the Ukrainian Venice on the Danube River.
Oksana ZIOBRO. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 23.05.2007
"Who knows" what Atoyan is ironizing at.
The mixture of irony and tenderness, not an easy skill to laugh at oneself and others demonstrated Anna Atoyan.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 22.05.2007
Small mysteries of Anna Atoyan
Every Anna’s work has a magnificent history behind itself. For example, being in Crimea, Anna met an old tatarian woman from Livadia, who confessed that all her life she regretted that hadn’t bough a black dress with huge roses. After that Anna depicted a woman wearing such a dress. In a central painting in the exhibitions called "Who knows..."- the first personal exhibition in the artistic biography of Anna Atoyan and it is opened in the Green Sofa Gallery.

Anna Atoyan`s paintings are done in the technique of Hot Batique - and it is definitely worth seeing. She didn’t want to depend an anybody, she wonted all the process of creating to depend on her, to be responsible for the final result of her creative idea.

She usually depicts the people that are far from being conventionally beautiful. She told "Gazette" that She is afraid of to match beauties in life and creativity. She is convinced that behind perfect forms sometimes hide emptiness, intensively or even coldness, and it is not interesting. Finally doing traditional batique also doesn’t interest her. " I like life, so more lively batique,- says Anna Atoyan - that is why i make it my way."
Bozhena GORODNITC'KA. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 28.04.2007
Sensual male painting in polka-dot.

The Characters of oleg Ghyzhy are having holidays near the sea, eating cherries, tasting the apples and listening to Celentano.

The vacational zone, entitled Summer holidays of the 68th is located in the Green Sofa Gallery.

The paintings that are presented in this first personal exhibition of the artist were created in winter, maybe that is why summer  is depicted there looks a bit idealistic. But the 68th is real - the women  are wearing polka dot dresses, striped swim suits, there are enamailed tea-pots, also in polka dot, red cherries and the Georgians with water melons...

The owner of the gallery, Olesia Domaradzka thinks that this exhibition is like a family album with the best moments, she considers his paintings to be very manlike, but still sensual and expressive, full of emotions.

In the 68th I was 5 - says the artist, that is why I would rather call this exhibition Memories real and imaginative. It is an interplay of fantasies and dreams from the life of a memory, distinctive scents, colours, feelings and emotions.
Bozhena GORODNITC'KA. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 21.04.2007
Turkish voyage of the Lvivian Pegasus.

The results of this plener will be displayed in the Green Sofa Gallery in the end of May. For the time being the artists shared their impressions with the journalist of Vysoky Zamok through e-mail.

The interesting thing about this trip is that the boys do not persieve Turkey geographically, but artistically. We relay only on our intuition and compass that Ivan Tverdun took with himself. At night we are travelling along the Milky Way. - wrote Oleksandr Korovay.

Of course, the Milky Way is not the most precise direction in the world. That explains the fact that in the letters you can not find ane certain geographical spots, They often do not understand where they are, because no one speaks Turkish, but there are a lot of impressions nontheless!

Letter 1, 14th of April

Adventures, landscapes and colours are changing so rapidly, that we are afraid that we would lack canvases and paintbrushes soon. Exootic atmosphere of narrow streets involves into the fragrant oriental world.Hospitality of the cafes, hotels, brodels and pickpocets didnt relax us - we are alert and careful! Every morning we start from the clean canvas and in the evening, exhausted we are washing paintbrushes.As faithful warriors of the Muse, we are pouring our emotions on the canvas. Our easels are the main attraction in the cities, not only for tourists, but for locals as well.

Letter 2, 18th of April

We can understand ttthose , who did not want to return from Turkey, riscking their lives - the beauty of this land is astonishing.Passing Marble sea we got to the Iznik lake, where Nikea used to be. The enourmisity of its walls is still impressive. Next, waundering between the cliffs and olive trees they went to the Egeyan Sea where the famous Elladians used to blossom, and now there are onle herds of bored sheep.

We still stay at the 5-stars hotels, but in tghe fishermen villages wind and time wipe away stars from their fecades, sheets from their beds, water from their taps and sometimes even glass out of their windows. Luckily there is still electricity in the sockets and we always take water-boiling device with us.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 06.04.2007
Super Chicha Doll
The Green Sofa Gallery Presented a fascinating exhibition Chicha Doll real Pretty Doll that was opened before Easter. It is really uplifting, if someone came to the Green Sofa in a low spirit, after observing the exhibition It changed.

Two young Lvivian artists – Inna Ivasiuk and Victoria Protsiv  presented hand-made dolls and pictures with cartoon-like characters. Sometimes it even seems that Inna’s dolls posed for Victoria’s pictures. But it is only an illusion, because they are two independent artistic persons.

Vika paints her characters and her friends recognize themselves afterwards. And Inna makes her magodzas  using the images of the dolls that mothers made long time ago. People of podillia believed that if children played with magodzas, they will have a lot of children. Inna says that her every doll has its own character and personality.

Art critic Roman Yatsiv said that the girls created a bright world with a strong and sane energy that not only Ukraine needs, but also the whole world.

Nataliya DUDKO. “Ratusha”. 5-11.04.2007
Chicha-Doll. Dolls and peoples.

Tge two Lvivian artists – Inna Ivasiuk and Vita Protsiv created their girls not knowing each other, after meeting they realized that their characters go along together. Vita Protsiv says that her images are her fantasies, they are not real, but after seeing them a lot of people bring their photos to show that they are alike.

Making her dolls, Inna Ivasiuk uses ethnic motives. She says that she does not know what will they be like in the course of time, but there will always be folk ornaments and interesting images that inspire her work. She first has presented her.dolls a year ago in the textile exhibition, after that there were several displays in Kyiv in the Ukrainian House.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 20.03.2007
Picturesque poetry of Nina Reznichenko

I felt that I had to become more mature to have a personal exhibition – confesses Nina Reznichenko, a wife of a well known artist Sergij Reznichenko. She felt like this despite that she has been painting for ten years, and only now she thinks she is quite mature.

Olesia Domaradzka, a curator of The Green Sofa Gallery, says that her maturity does not prevent her from creating such spring, emotional and romantic images. Her painting is, no doubt, like a poetry. And even an essay entitled the spring came she managed to create originally.
Tetiana SHEVCHENKO. "Express". "Lvivian news.". 15-22.03.2007
The painting with a voice

Music and poetry inspire creativity in other kinds of art without changing the basics of composition, - thinks a 34 year old Lvivian artist Nina Reznichenko, who opened her personal exhibition under the title IN MY BEGINNING IS MY END in The Green Sofa Gallery.In addition to her works you can observe the works of the artists daughter, Katia. She also paintsand took part in the exhibition along with her mother, her works impressed the audience, especially naked nature, leafless trees in the fields of snow.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 13.02.2007
Mens "Taming of Eros"

One brave woman gathered eight brave men and together with The Green Sofa Gallery organized the art exhibition entitled "Taming the Eros", that presents photogrPHY, sculpture along with the painting.

Ivanka Voytovych, after the years of observing how a womans body emerges on a canvas when her husband, Oleksandr Voytovych stroke by stroke, created it lovingly.She also considered how eros penetrated all the spheres of our life, art, so she decided to gather her friends artists to try to understand what does eroticism mean in art life of Lviv.

It turned out to be very interesting since all the authors are masters in their artistic fields.Oleksandr Voytovych, asalways, extremely gracious and sensual, Sergiy Reznichenko, absolutely touching and picturesque, Volodymyr Kostyrko - meaningful and Volodymyr Stetsula - delicate. An interesting dynamic of bronze by Taras Beniah and Mykhaylo Vertuozov and wood by Volodymyr Sabirov. To say nothing of a works of photography by Sergiy Mykhalkiv, that were a kind of revelation for Lviv. His colleagues already called him modest to the point of impudence.

Ivanka Voytovych purposefully did not invite women artists that work in the same field, because The Taming of Eros is planned as a long-term project, she confessed that women are the next to tame Eros, but this time under the supervision of her husband, Oleksandr Voytovych.
Tetiana SHEVCHENKO. "Express". "Lvivian news.". 15-22.02.2007
"Taming the Eros"
The exhibition under such name has been opened in The Green Sofa Gallery.

From what is showed there we can conclude that regardless the winter time our artists are under the spring blossoming spells, and despite the title, they are not going to tame their erotic feelings...

IN ALL EIGHT ARTISTS TOOK PART IN THIS EXHIBITION, AND THEY HAVE DONE IT SKILLFULLY, WITHOUT VULGARITY, SHOWING THAT THEY DO POSSES ARTISTIC TASTE AFTER ALL. The erotic-fantasy-lovers also didnot hesitate to show up. One of them, for instance, was willing to pay a hefty sum of money for the work of Sergiy Rezmichenko under one condition- the author had to be a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. He might have some point there - can eroticism be presented by not a member...
  "Fayno". January, 2007
Taming the Eros

On the 9th of February The Green Sofa Gallery presents an exhibition of erotic art — “Taming the Eros”, where works of different artistic genres like paintings, sculpture and photography will be presented.

A curator of the exhibition an artist Ivanka Voytovych says that she has come to the idea of organizing such a project after observing tendencies of the modern art. She thinks that contemporary art is soaked with sensuality and we can see it in different works of art.

If you ask artists the question, what is the difference between eroticism and pornography, it will puzzle them and they will be at a lost for words, because there is a tiny borderline between those two notions. The majority thinks that erotic art is very human and noble by nature whereas pornography is a mere display of a physiological act. It goes without saying that every person has their own idea of eroticism in art, it depends on individual perceptions.

For instance, a participant Sergiy Mikhalkiv (whom we suspected to be closer to pornography because of the nature of photography as one of the most precise arts) says that the idea that a man’s body with the penis in the state of erection is erotic and without erection isn’t, sounds funny. Everything depends on the manner of representation, because a real artist can make cellulite on the naked woman’s body look attractive.

Mykhaylo Vertuosov, who represents bronze sculpture on the exhibition, shows eroticism in static compositions. His colleague Taras Beniah, on the other hand, thinks that love takes two people and erotic art can be represented only in motion like life itself. Apart from above mentioned artists there also will be Oleksandr Voytovych, Volodymyr Kostyrko, Sergiy Reznichenko and Volodymyr Stetsula.  Volodymyr Sabirov will represent a genre of a wooden sculpture in this project.

All of them try to demonstrate human instincts and subconscious intentions, which we don’t often identify, but to stay healthy it is good to have them in sight in the form of works of art.

Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 23.01.2007
An Exploding Fish-Cat!

Today’s personal exhibition The Fish Cat of Jeremy Novorozhkin confirmed that the director of The Green Sofa Gallery Olesia Domaradzka made a good choice. The Three Fish paintings have been sold on the very first day. Though Jeremy Novorozhkin has some experience of exhibitions abroad, like in France and The USA, this personal exhibition is the first in Ukraine.

We haven’t expected that his art would be so liked and understood by the Lvivian public. - says Olesia Domaradzka. It appeared that the techniques and colours of his works are such that people want. The given exhibition shows that the topic is not essential to the work – the artist likes to interpret one theme in different techniques and colours. His various fish and cats are the source of joy and light spirits for everybody.

I can’t quite explain why I am choosing only fishes and cats, maybe it comes from the early childhood days, and however I have never had any of those pets of my own. There is a kind of mystique secret in the notion of a fish or a cat. For me it is the reason for drawing such creatures that can not be understood to the end.

The author says that generally his cats are admired by independent and lively people, whereas quiet and patient people prefer his fishes.
“Ratusha”. ¹ 50(1315) 14-20.12.2006
"The Christmas Biscuit" for Lviv

I do not declare anything apart from joy, sheer joy. So all you have to do is to look at the pictures, enjoy and smile, - says Eugenia Gapchinska whose works are in private collections of Luciano Pavarotti, Inna Churikova, Vladimir Spivakov, Sofia Rotaru, Andriy Shevchenko, Tina Kandelaki, Andrey Malahov, Masha Efrosinina, Oleg Jankovski, Ivan Malkovych, Marichka Burmaka...

A very popular and fashionable artist Zhenia Gapchinska is not widely known to Lvivians. Now, owing to the Green Sofa Gallery we have the opportunity to smile looking at her pictures and reading their funny titles like A Balcony. A girl is hanging her panties. Or - Napoleon Morkovkin.

She created a brand new painting The Christmas Biscuit especially for The Green Sofa Gallery and this work gave the name to the whole exhibition. It will be on display until the end of the year.

The exhibition suits this particular gallery very much, because it is next to impossible to imagine the works of Gapchinska for example. in the National Museum. Besides, you can purchase them, however they are quite expensive.

On graduating Kharkiv institute of arts and Nurnberg Academy of arts she suddenly stopped painting, because she did not feel that her work was needed. To earn some money she did the manicure course, but did not get the job in the beauty salon. Then she started working as an advertising manager. After getting promoted she left this job to work in the gallery Kyivan Bells. And only then she began painting again. It was then when she found inner peace and started paintinf for her own enjoyment.

Zhenia Gapchinska works on the special projects with famous fashion designers for glamorous magazines, makes soft toys, canvas bags with her pictures .She also takes part in a lot of charity projects, illustrates books for children like Lisa and Her Dreams by Malkovych, Charlie and a Chocolate Factory by Roald Daahl, A History about Pustomelyks by Andrij Kurkov.
Anastasia Lavrenchuk. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 28.11.2006
Red exhibition of Veselka Rainbow.

The colour was prior while choosing the works for the Red exhibition in the project Veselka, not the style or a name of an artist. The thing is that the informational-artistic centre of Lviv National Art Academy, where originated the idea of this project decided to take the colours of a rainbow as a basis and to unite the works of art with their help.So, the first part of this project — the Red exhibition of Lvivian artists.

This very colour is the first in the rainbow, it is the colour of love and passion and at the same time it is agressive, that is why we were concerned about the apearance of the red exhibition, but everything looks beautiful — said Iryna Sorokina . We represent the works by 21 artists. Those are rather old works, though there are also some new among them. Are there many works with the red as the main colour — yes, there are, it is widely used. And what colour would be the most troublesome— it is difficult to predict.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 29.11.2006
The Green Sofa is flooded with Red.
More than 20 artists took part in the art project Veselka - The Rainbow, that launched in the Green sofa Gallery.

Veselka is meant to consist of eight separate parts — the number symbolizes the  colours of a rainbow, and the last part will be black and white. The project aims at finding an answer to the chain of questions like is the dominance of one particular colour occasional? Does it depend on the subject or on colour itself? Or how to identify the symbolism of a colour? And finally, does it exist?

Orest Golubets, the director of an informational-artistic centre, said that such projects enable to activate the artistic process, to make it more open, to give it more initiative.

An interesrting fact is that all the works were chosen taking into account only the preference of a colour, not a colouristic or meaningful emphasis. The authors of this project said that they think of a finishing of this project with the special conference or a discussion that would aim at a decoding of some artistic problems.
Bozhena GORODNITC'KA. “Vysokiy Zamok”. 31.10.2006
A wardrobe, squandered on drink was replaced by a "Green sofa"
The new gallery of modern art "Green Sofa" was opened in Lviv.

An ancient place in Virmenska Street, where  Armenian court of law was  situated a couple of centuries ago,  was inhabited by a poor drinking family. It was in a pitiful condition, without any furniture apart from a single wardrobe with a sticker note saying: "It has been squandered on drink!". Now it houses a modern art gallery — "Green Sofa" with a first exhibition "Allegory in heels" by a young lviv artist Oleksandr Voytovych. He is also an author of a name of this gallery.

The owner of Green Sofa says: " I wanted a name that would sound warmly, cozy and very much Lvivian but would not be pompous. That is why I liked the suggestion of Oleksandr and we even bought a real green sofa as a symbol of our gallery, where you can sit down and enjoy the exhibition. Our aim is to popularize modern art and unite creative circles. Because Lviv is rich in talents but there are not enough galleries yet.  With the appearance of every new gallery Lviv becomes less provincial. Concerning commercial competition we can say that every Lviv Gallery occupies a certain position in the market. Some specialize at the antique art, others at conceptual, and we represent contemporary artists.
Yaryna Koval'. “Lvivs'ka gazeta”. 31.10.2006
Worldly "Green Sofa"
A young creative couple Oleg and Olesia Domaradzki needed two years to convert a shabby flat into a new posh art gallery.

It adds to the already existent "Dzyga", "Three Crowns" and others.

The founders wanted to give their gallery a name that would sound cozy, and very much Lvivian. Looking through the works of O.Voytovych, they found his picture — "The Green Sofa", and decided to give such a name to their gallery. They even put a real green sofa there. Voytovych didn’t mind. And his personal exhibition launched the Green Sofa Gallery project.

"We position ourselves as a gallery that specializes in modern art. We will represent artists who have already found their own style." — said Olesia Domaradzka.  Every three weeks a new exhibition will take place. There will also be ceramics, tapestry and jewelry apart from painting.

B.Shumylovych, an art critic who wrote an article to the catalogue of O.Voytovych’s works, said about the exhibition that: "the high heel associates to the magiority of men with the woman’s grace and beauty. And the most paradoxal here is the fact that obcas — is the truest female, though it sounds unreal... The very image of a woman is not what she really is... It is a sheer pleasure! So enjoy it...?
  V³ctotiya SÀDOVA. “ËþíÀðò” magazine . ¹ 10-11 2006
"Green Sofa" made its debut with exposition "Allegory in heels".

A new exhibition hall that has been recently opened in Virmenska Street 7, confirmed the existence of the tendency of forming a specific gallery block in that tourist area. This business trend coincides with the general plans of the authorities concerning the regeneration of social functions of these narrow medieval streets that surround the core of ancient Lviv – the Rynok square...

There is an increasing in number of galleries, museums and antique shops in this area, but The Green Sofa Gallery differs from all these art institutions not only by a search of its own style, but also by its exhibition policy.

The exhibition "Allegory in Heels" is almost the twentieth in the creative life of O.Voytovych’s, a young and promising artist. He also won a lot of grand prix. But this one is special not only because it coincided with the opening of a brand new gallery, but also because he is the author of a name of it...

The works of Voytovych reveal a real talent and skills of a mature master, regardless the techniques and materials he uses. A special attention should be paid to the frames – they are also made by the author and can be regarded as a great bonus of a remarkable artistic value.

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