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On the 29th of July the Green Sofa Gallery launches a new exhibition of Y.Koval - Marionettes.

In the artistic space there is a sphere called Painting and there is a point of our meeting in this exhibition. And this very point is strangely connected with the word marionette. Somehow these notions - a doll, a game, a beauty, art, painting - have occurred to be close to each other.

In the paintings of Y.Koval we can feel psycho-associative game. He works with figures being fascinated with their forms and colours.

Marionette in the view of Koval is a metaphorical embodiment of the dark side of many archetypes and intrinsic to their nature binary oppositions. Working with the marionette, the artist works with his Shadow,creating it and giving it his soul in the real psychological life. The world of shadows is flat, irreal and nowadays even virtual.

Paintings by Koval changes this impression - his world of the theatre of shadows is alive and starts its dialogue with the viewer on the one hand influencing alter-ego of the viewer, on the other representing the metaphor of our perception of the outer world.

Roman Gเnkevich
Art critic.

Photos of the exposition:
Breath. Illusion. Everybody will get according to their belief. Vision.
Marionette. Marionette 2. Fruit of cognition. Look, how petrified we are.
Hearteater. Temptation. Uroboros. Volume of life.

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