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From 12th to 31st of May the Green Sofa Gallery presents the first personal exhibition of Solomia Kovtun.This romantic girl lives near the Rynok square, drinks her coffee in cosy Lvivian cafes, walks along sleepy cobbled streets and absorbs the energy of the ancient town. She adores Lviv. Solomia gave the force of her emotions to the canvases and paints by creating the exhibition "The Gate" fully dedicated to the elements of architecture such as balconies, frontones, gates, roofs.

Solomia Kovtun was born in 1984 in Zolochiv. In 2008 she graduated Lviv National Medical University but in the 2007 she entered Lviv Art Academy - the department of decorative - applied arts. She took part in the projects "Rainbow", "Geometry", "Autumn Salon", "Landscape exhibition" and in the "Art competition" that was organized by the Centre of the Town History of Central-Eastern Europe.

Photos of the exposition:
Without title. Gate N6. A house with columns. Red wall.
Black-wite. Rain gate. The doors. Between streets.
Sky is over Korzo-pab. The morning. Spring of next door. Armenian str.17.
Green gate N5. Green wall. Connection. Winter of roofs.

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