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Thanks to the Internet and our gallery you have the opportunity to observe a lot more works of art, and even to buy the favourite ones. The staff of the Green Sofa Gallery are very knowledgeable and good expert and are ready to answer all your questions.

Our policy concerning buying-saling and returning the money or works of arts.

You have to contact the owner of the Green Sofa Gallery ms. Olesia Domaradz'ka, she will give you all the information concering the work of art, the author, the advise of the price. If you wish to buy a work of art, you have to send your money to the account: in US dollars, in Euro.

After receiving the money, the work of art choosen by you will be sent through mail.
After receiving the work of art you will have seven days to return it to the Green Sofa Gallery, and after that we will return your money.

If you are in Lviv, then the procedure is easier — you have to visit us in Virmenska street, 7 in our Gallery where you can observe and buy the choosen work of art.

Have a nice time collection works of art.

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