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Lviv. Virmens’ka street. 1570. These are the place and time of creation of parochial and armenian court of law — khuts — that is situated below it. Decorated with oriental motives stone portal with a lot of carved pictures-tables above. Behind this magic door there are works of modern art, presented for your judgement. This is the very place where you can feel the touch of eternity because art is eternal.
From the 22nd of May to the 1st of June The Ukrainian House in Kyiv Hosted the first festival of contemporary art – “Fine Art”.

In fact, annual festival “Art Kyiv” was divided into two parts – “Fine art” that was supposed to represent traditional artistic forms such as painting, graphics and sculpture and “Art Kyiv Contemporary” planned for November that would represent actual tendencies in art such as photo, media projects, painting, installations, performances and non-traditional sculpture etc. We will see…

“Fine Art” failed to impress neither gallerists (the best Kyiv galleries, apart from the I-Gallery, ignored it), nor visitors. It seemed that even the authors of this project did not believe in it and put all their hope on “contemporary”leaving “Fine Art” for warming up.

“The Green Sofa Gallery” presented real traditionalists – solid painters Nina and Sergiy Reznichenko, and, as always, ceramics by Olga Pylnyk.
There is a comment of Kyiv newspaper “Den’”: (#86, Tuesday, 26th of May 2009):

Use your chance!

Mykhaylo Vrubel, Tetiana Yablonska, Sergiy Yakutovych and other painters – traditionalists in the festival “Fine Art”.

We can not notice the changes since not much time has passed yet, - states Lesiya Domaradzka, founder and director of “The Green Sofa Gallery” that is a constant participant of the project “Art Kyiv” – Our galleryworks for artists rather than for art lovers.

Lviv has a solid artistic school, thousands of artists graduate every year. Very often they have nowhere to exhibit their works. That is why our gallery changes exhibitions so often – every two-three weeks, usually those are personal exhibitions. Concerning art consumers – in the majority they just look for small presents with views of Lviv. The real collectioners of art ( I mean the people who buy paintings not to hang them on the wall to match the colour of their sofas) are hard to find . And the crisis has not touched us since we have never had huge sells.

A number of specialized projects were presented in the frame of “Fine Art”: “Saman” of famous photo artist Igor Gayday, ironical project “Mean-art: biomass” of Ivan Semesiuk, and the world of Levkas 9 by the authors from different regions of Ukraine). In the separate premises we could find the collection of works “Humming” of a well-known graphic Sergiy Yakutovych. Among presented by I-Gallery works – the cycle “Mazepiana”, Gogol’s “Eves on Dikanka”, “Myrgorod” etc. along with the works of Yakutovych for the movies.

Creativity of Yakutovych is worth paying attention to. The collection of his works has recently been displayed in the head quarter of UNESCO in Paris and was hugely successful. It is because the artist was deeply engrossed in the spheres of non-material Ukrainian essence and succeeded in conveying this image to the viewer. We can not ignore such artistic experience. You have time until the 1st of June!
The works of Sergiy Yakutovych can be looked at for hours. They are full of graphic detailes and symbols that are combined in the harmony of Ukrainian non-material world. Great Ukrainian culture – with mother’s milk!
30th of October – 7th of November Ukrainian House hosted artistic festival ART-KIEV, The Green Sofa Gallery has taken part in it for the second time. Festival united 53 galleries from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France, Chekh etc.

The first floor was occupied by the galleries specialized in contemporary art. Separate hall was devoted to private collections where the viewers could see the same names: Illia Chichkan, O.Tistol, v.Ralko, V.Tsagolov, Gnylytsky… The Green Sofa Gallery has presented the works of the three Lvivian women-artists (without feministic subtext) that were absolutely different from everyone else, somewhat decorative, postmodern. On the left wall – Anna Atoyan, on the right – Olga Kwasha are looking at the ceramics of Olga Pylnyk. The boxes of other galleries were arranged more logically in comparison with the last year, level of artistic works was also higher, - everybody presented exclusively contemporary art. "The Heart Eater" by Olga Pylnyk was the most provocative on the stand of The Green Sofa and it was the favourite one of artists and gallery-keepers.
"Dolce Vita" by Anna Atoyan was honoured to present The Green Sofa Gallery in the catalogue of Art Kiev 2008. Among the works of Olga Kwasha “I went to the groove” was the most popular. The works of Olga Pylnyk were the most commercially successful. Among the buyers are Larysa Ivashyna (chief editor of “Den’”), Igor Cherkassky – (BJT), Yuriy Kostenko – founder of his own political party, and Eugenia Gapchinska, and other decent people… Director and founder of art gallery "Green Sofa" Olesia Domaradz’ka :)
The days of Lviv in Dnipropetrovsk.

Cultural-artistic action "The days of Lvivsky Kray" has started in Dnipropetrovsk. It has been launched with the aim of popularizing of Ukrainian culture of Lviv region in the frame of an action Ukraine Unitedwith the support of Lviv City Council. It represents the best achievements of Lviv in Dnipropetrovsk. The celebration began on the 15thof September with the concert of Ruslana. From 20 th of August to 13 th of September there will be exhibitions organized by The Green Sofa Gallery along with charity fund "European City" in the Theatrical Artistic Museum.
  Oreanda-News. 22.08.2008
On the 22 nd of August in the Artistic Museum there will be three exhibitions opened in the frame of an action "Days of Lviv in Dnipropetrovsk".

In the exhibition there will be the works by popular Lvivian masters Petro Sypniak, Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk, Olga Kwasha and Denis Struk.The exhibition will demonstrate different streams of art of Lviv School. The visitors will get aquainted with the life, mood and atmosphere of Lviv by visiting the photoexhibition of yuriy Diachyshyn – gorod.dp.ua.

The exhibition will be on till 13 th of September.
By such publications the exhibition in Dnipropetrovsk, organized by the Green Sofa Gallery along with LODA was announced. There was also organized a round table discussion dedicated to the problems of museums, galleries , artists and art-critics of Dnipropetrovsk. Unfortunately there was only one representative of Lviv –director of the Green Sofa Gallery – Olesia Domaradzka. The press was not invited.

A brief summery of this conversation –the cooperation with Lvivian artists is of great interes to the Dnipropetrovsk, there was a proposal to organize the exhibition of Dnipropetrovsk Artists in Lviv. Aand one more a little envious comment that in Lviv art-market occupies a lot higher position that in Dnipropetrovsk. The museum workers think it is due to lack of state financing and artists think it is due to lack of advertising.

The exhibition is prolongued till 29th of September on behalf of Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum.

Pictures from the exhibition:
The entrance to the exhibition. The visitors were greeted by the works of M.Demtsiu and by the workers of museums who were unable to provide any information about Lvivian artists. If you wanted to read anything about artists in catalogues you would have to break the museum display. In such a way the works of Olena Kamenetska Ostapchuk were displayed. And this is Olia Kwasha- her works were the only joy of school excursions.
Petro Sypniak presented a hefty exposition – 15 works. The works by Denis Struk (who comes from Dnipropetrovsk) were highly popular. At the beginning of round table discussion.  
From 1st to the 10th of November the Green Sofa Gallery took part in the festival Art Kiev along with other 53 galleries from all over Ukraine. There were also special art projects and the displays of private collections such as those belonging to Petro Poroshenko, Yan Tabachnik and others. From 5 to 10 thousand visitors attended the exhibitions during the day. Among them there were a lot of well known people and celebrities.

Picture story:
The opening of a festival Art Kiev attracted a lot of attention of the representatives of mass media. Observing the opening from the balcony you could enjoy beautiful music performed by a symphonic orchestra. The Green Sofa’s box was situated in such a way that the viewers were greeted by the Petro Sypniak’s paintings.
Exposition included the works of 5 artists among which there were the works by Oleksandr Voytovych. The works of Anna Atoyan ornated the other wall. Olga Pylnyk’s ceramics went along with the works of Oleg Ghyzhy.
Apart from this badge, the Green Sofa got a catalogue and was awarded a diploma of participant. The creative works of Anna Atoyan were no doubt the revelation in Art Kiev. Her works were received with numerous exciting exclamations. And her ‘Life in pink” was what the art-thirsty public needed. If there was a prize of viewer’s regards, it would be no doubt won by Olga Pylnyk’s sculpture “Overslept”. It raised smiles practically from everybody.

An exhibition “Allegory of High Heel” containing brand new creative works by Oleksandr Voytovych takes place in “Green Sofa” gallery since the 28th October.

iNauguration of the exhibition. Picture story:

The oficial opening of the Green Sofa Gallery took place on the 28th of October. A lot of journalists, artists and art critics attended this event. It coincided with the begining of the exhibition "Allegory of High Heel".  Press conference on the occasion of the opening.
 The artist and the owner of the Green Sofa Gallery.  Bogdan Shumylovych — art critic and the author of the article for a catalogue. Newly created project "Basolia-Band" added some musical charme to atmosphere of the event.
The interior disigner of the Green Sofa Gallery — Oleh Domaradzkiy and the owner — Olesia — the creative couple sitting on the Green Sofa.    

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